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Welcome to the new online home of Georgia Holland.

Georgia has graced stages big and small in the United Kingdom, from intimate dinner parties to grand corporate galas. Her smooth, sultry voice is at once characteristically vintage and totally new. She breathes new life into time-honoured classics in the swing, jazz, and easy listening music genres whilst still leaving room in her set for beautiful, heart-felt interpretations of newer chart hits. Her warmth, charm, and sense of humour inform each moment of her performance, and her unusually personalized approach to each audience makes for a truly special experience.

Georgia Holland has been in the industry for fifteen years. Growing up listening to a hugely eclectic range of music, she fell in love with the music of Etta James, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Peggy Lee, Nina Simone, and others of their era. Her rich, warm voice very naturally lent itself to singing in the style of these phenomenal women - and yet she developed a sound that was completely her own. Coming to vocal performance in such an organic way is perhaps what makes her so at ease under the spotlight. She's very much herself on stage; always warm, genuine - and never too far between laughs. To see her perform is to know her.

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